Her last request from her friends .. Information about the late young artist


01:17 PM

Tuesday 05 May 2020

I wrote- Bahira Foda:

The young artist, Mahi Nour, left our world yesterday, after suffering a severe circulation drop.

Masrawy shows you information about the late Mahi Nour:

– Mahe Nour participated in about five series, including “The Bats”, “The Five Star Lane”, “Forgive Me, O Time”, “The Thief and the Book” with Sameh Hussein and the series “30 Nights and One Night”, with Saad Al-Soghair and others.

– On her role in the series “30 Nights and One,” starring the artist Saad Al-Saghir, she said: “The series 30 Nights and Nights, in which I present the role of Queen Shahr Zad inside the Kingdom, which is a separate separate stories, in which he discusses the negative aspects of society and its solutions, and this is through Queen Shahrzad “.

Mahi added: “My job is fixed with Saad Al-Sagheer, Badria Tolba, Hossam Dagher, Wael Alaa, Sarah, Shima. I have a cute group of people and he has a very beautiful spirit, love, and honest competition. May God admire the audience and be a launch.”

– She refuses to work in the theater, commenting on this, saying: “I am currently against the theater, because I am a new face. I do not want to disrupt my career. The theater wants daily effort and intense effort. You cannot commit to the theater with another job, but I can participate in two TV or cinema works in At one time, and of course, we will not break the stars, we are not in an upward stage, we are not staring.

– The last message she wrote was Mahe Nour through her official account on Facebook: “A sweet invitation from my friends and your heart, because I hope in response, I really need it … Ramadan is generous to you.”

– Young artist Mahi Noor died after suffering a severe circulation drop, before going to the hospital.


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