Here is the question of the largest country in the area..the answer to the question of most of the Sakka today, episode 17, and the number of the program for most of the Sakka, the show, and the broadcasting channels


The answer to the question of most of the Sakka today. The viewers gathered around the screen of the Mbc Masr channel after the official Ramez Majnoon program at 7:00 pm to follow the program for most of the Sakka. This program witnessed a lot of interaction and participation of the audience that prompted the program to fly in the lead without a competitor, The idea of ​​the “Most of the Sakka” program depends on the spirit of competition and challenge among artists. A new artist is hosted in each episode of the program throughout the month of Ramadan 2020, and between the artist Ahmed El Sakka, the competitor who participates in the competition of all episodes. The program is presented by the artist Razan Maghrabi.

Answer the question of episode 17

Most of the Sakka program aims to achieve goals that are to participate in supporting charitable work and health institutions, by donating 100 thousand pounds, granted to the winner of the episode, and who is doing a course by donating it to a charity, educating the public through the questions that arise in The episode is on the two guests of the competition, and the question that is asked at the end of the program to answer it from the audience, the entertainment, fun and excitement that the audience is searching for in the competitions programs and to identify the capabilities and skills of stars in the artistic community.

Episode 16 question to the public in most of Sakka today, Abed Fahd, guest of Episode 16, call and win 100,000 pounds

“Now” answer the question, most of the Sakka, episode 16, participation number in the Sakagh program, H 15, to win 100,000 pounds

Ramez Majnoon, official, H 16 .. TBE3 Reham Abdel Ghafour, victim of Ramez Majnoon, official episode 16 of the sixteenth on «MBC Egypt»

Choice H 16 … The Choice Series Episode 16, 16, starring Amir Karara, on E channel

Answer the question Sakka episode today

The previous episode question was interesting and easy, and you can send your answer to the number 95451, To find out the question of today’s episode, stay tuned for the program on Mbc Masr channel, after breakfast at 7:00 am Cairo time.

  • Question the last episode: How many colors does the Netherlands flag have?
  • Answer: The answer is 3 colors.

Guest Episode 17

Rowan Magrabi hosted the Egyptian actress Fifi Abdo in Most of the Sakka program, competing for an entire hour with the artist Ahmed El-Sakka, and the artist expressed her complete concern about the victory of El-Sakka in the competition. Past.

Everyone in the public is competing at those moments for messages to the Sakka program to answer today’s question, which is the largest country in the three countries in terms of area, China, Russia or France, to win 100,000 pounds in the Ramadan 2020 competition.

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