His agent: Al-Nana was not injured by corona … and he has offers from Germany and Italy


Alaa Nazmi, agent of Mohamed Al-Nani, a player in the Turkish Besiktas, revealed that the player is completely healthy and did not become infected with the Corona virus, and participates in the training of his Turkish team on a regular basis, indicating that he reassures everyone about the player’s health after the emergence of infections with the Corona virus among the Turkish team.

The Turkish Beşiktaş club, which includes the Egyptian international Mohamed Al-Nani, announced today, Saturday, that one of his players was infected with the Corona virus without specifying names, in addition to one of the club’s employees … The Turkish club revealed that he will examine all the players to make sure they are free from infection with the virus.

Beşiktaş said, in an official statement, that after conducting virus tests for all players and team workers, in preparation for the resumption of training, it was found that one of the players and one of the employees of the club was infected with the Corona virus..

Nazmy said in statements to the channel On Time Sport, that Al-Nani will decide his fate from returning to Arsenal, the end of the current season after the end of his loan in Turkish Besiktas, indicating that the player is excluded at the present time to return to Egypt or play in the Gulf.

The player’s manager continued that Al-Nani has offers from German, Italian and English clubs, all of which are from the Premier League, but his fate has not yet been decided, and the decision will be at the end of the current season.

Nazmi touched on a relationship Nana With the national team led by Hussam Al-Badri, he said that Al-Nani did not ask Al-Badri to exclude him from the national team in the recent period, explaining that there are no communications between Al-Nani and the national team in the recent period.


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