His daughter was slaughtered with a scythe in her bed .. The story of the Iranian girl interacts


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Still a tragedy Iranian girl Romina Ashrafi After that horrific crime shook the Iranian street, it opened a wave of criticism of some laws and traditions that tolerate the so-called “honor killings” in the country.

Since the news of the crime spread on Tuesday in the northern province of Gilan, the criticism of Iranian activists has not subsided, considering that the laws applied in the country and the police dealing with these cases cause in many cases the victim’s death.

On Wednesday evening, I entered the line of that crime, which resonated with the international media, Amnesty International, calling on the Iranian authorities to amend Article 301 of the Penal Code to ensure accountability commensurate with the gravity of the crime, and to end impunity for violent crimes affecting women and girls in Iran. .

The 13-year-old was slaughtered at night

She was also shocked by the crime that afflicted the 13-year-old daughter at the hands of her father, who was beheaded during her sleep under the title “Honor crime”.

In addition, she condemned the Iranian authorities’ repeatedly ignoring the calls of Romina, who demanded that they be protected from her violent and abusive father.

“I want revenge.”

The shocked mother of the mother, Ra`na Dashti, in turn, demanded that the father be executed. And she said in press statements, according to what was reported by the “Iran International” network yesterday, “I want revenge. I cannot see him again.”

She also explained in her talk that Rominas father was very cruel to her, especially in regard to her dress style and relationships.

In addition, she revealed that her teenage daughter fell in love with a young man from the Talch region in which they live in northern Iran, and fled with him because of her fear of her father, after the latter repeatedly refused the young man’s engagement to her.

On Wednesday, the Iranian judiciary announced that a special investigation had been opened into the case, after the police arrested the girl’s father on Tuesday.

Local media reported at the time that Rominas father had brutally killed her by cutting her head off with a machete while she was asleep, after he returned her to the house after fleeing with her 28-year-old boyfriend for the purpose of marriage.

Handed over to her killer

Security forces arrested Romina and her companion, following a complaint by family members of the two friends, and although the girl warned the police that her father was a nervous person and that her life was in danger, she was handed over to him as required by the country’s laws.

According to the Khazar Online website, Rominas return has resulted in ever-increasing tensions and disputes within the family, and since the father was unable to cope with the idea of ​​his daughter escaping, he decided to kill her on May 21 when no one else was at home but the girl was sleeping.

Other news reports also stated that the father handed the machete who slaughtered his daughter to the police and confessed to killing her.

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