Hisham Hatab: The current Egyptian law forbids the extension of the Five-Year Committee


Hisham Hatab, President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, stressed that the elections of the Football Association should be for a year according to the Egyptian law, noting that there is no justification for not adopting the Egyptian law.

In statements to On Time Sports, Hatab said that he does not find any justification for not applying the Egyptian law, even though it is approved by the International Federation and the International Olympic Committee.

He added, he is talking about broad lines with the goal of the general interest of the Egyptian football, and for there to be better stability in the Football Association.

The President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee stated that the current Egyptian law prohibits the extension of the Five-Year Committee of the Football Association, which is currently in place to manage the game in Egypt.

He pointed out that the Egyptian law conforms to international standards and should be applied in all matters, including elections.

He concluded his remarks: “The clubs opened a state decision and the plans are in place and ready with all precautionary measures. In the event of a decision to return, we will immediately prepare the qualified players for the Tokyo Olympics.”


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