Hossam El-Badry: Ahmed Hassan Kouka is currently one of the best international attackers


Hossam El-Badry, the technical director of the Egyptian team, advised Ahmed Hassan Kouka, the national team striker, to stay in the ranks of Greece’s Olympiacos during the next season to maintain his level.

Pedro Martins, the technical director of the Greek Olympiacos team, had asked the club management to purchase the contract of Egyptian striker Ahmed Hassan Coca from the Portuguese Sporting Club in the final from the next transfer period..

“I hope Olympiacos will succeed in buying Coca from Sporting Braga, because Olympiacos is a great team. I think it will be a golden opportunity for him to achieve all his goals. I watched some of his matches and I see that he is a team that suits Cocas capabilities,” Hossam El-Badry said in comments to the Greek newspaper “Novasports.” “.

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The young manager of the Egyptian team added: “Coca is one of my favorite players, and he considered him one of my sons in the Egyptian football and will always remain in my accounts with the Egypt team, I always communicate with him by phone and we followed up his performance with Olympiacos before the games stopped due to the Corona virus, and the door of the team will not close in the face Any player with motivation and ambition is the same. ”

Hossam El-Badry rejected Cocas criticism by the media and the masses for his declining level in the Egypt national team’s matches, saying: “Coca is one of the best strikers on the international level in my opinion, I always talk to him and know the extent of his ambitions and his desire to succeed with Olympiacos.”

Coca will play for Olympiacos from January on loan from Sporting Braga until June 30, but there is a priority clause in his contract to buy his contract worth 2.5 million euros.

Al Ahly Planning Committee had discussed a proposal to include Ahmed HassanCocaTo support the Red Team’s attack during the next summer transfer window, especially in light of the difficulty of supporting the team with foreign players until this moment, in light of the Football Association’s insistence on reducing the number of foreign players from 5 to 3 beginning of next season, which prevents Al-Ahly from contracting with a foreign striker Frank in the new season, especially since there are 6 foreign players on the strength of the team.

One of the members of the Planning Committee in Al-Ahly suggested including Coca, especially that he is an international player and provides distinguished levels in European stadiums, but there is a current that is opposed to the idea of ​​including the international striker, because he did not appear well with the national team in the past years and did not succeed in providing any addition.


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