How did Barcelona change the life of Freestyle player Abdullah Emad?


Wednesday 29 April 2020 He would pass, like all the days that the Sudanese engineer Abdullah Imad, the player of the Freestyle Football, was used recently to sit at home watching the TV, holding his hands on his mobile phone, following some of the videos of “Freestyle” until the time of breakfast until he reached on his phone a notice that the official account of the club Barcelona – his favorite team – has posted a video of him and mentioned him as “Munchnah” with him.

The notice he received from Barcelona was followed by hundreds of notices from his friends and followers: “I am a fanatic of Barcelona and I do not encourage others spherically, even at the local level. I do not follow any club. I saw the nature of my accounts on the websites of the current and old players from the current and old players of the team, including Arthur Milo, Rivaldo and Cloefert.” Their skills via home videos before asking people to stay home and the club launched a #culersathome hashtag campaign to share with followers. ”

This is the opportunity that reached the 28-year-old to take his skill to a higher level, as he filmed a video of himself – as he used to – and posted it on his accounts on social media, humiliating him with the same hashtag # culersathome: “I am good at Freestyle, so I published the video like the rest of the videos that only his foot in the hashtag and of course was Myself is being published on their accounts, but it is something I did not expect it would happen. ”

So a mining engineering graduate cannot describe his feeling: “Maybe there are players already in Barcelona who watched my video or perhaps Ronaldinho my favorite player watched unlike hundreds of journalists and media people around the world .. And my father is very happy about it and what I do is also a Barcelona fan “.

The matter was not limited to Barcelona’s notification, in the midst of his astonishment at what is happening on the communication sites in response to the video, and another notice came from the account of the Minister of Sports in his country, Walaa Issam Al-Boushi: “Great talent Abdullah, we are proud of you, and welcome to the Ministry of Youth and Sports at any time.”

It is the notice that the founder of the Freestial Championship at his expense in his country wishes to contribute to supporting sport in Sudan: “I appreciate the minister’s interaction and invitation and wait after this epidemic recedes if I find their willingness to support this sport I have full plans and also I hope to help players other than represent Sudan with a number of players More on the external tournaments, some players do not receive invitations, cannot travel from his own money, and do not have travel costs. I will see the development of the game as a whole. ”

The player, whose followers on Twitter increased 3000 people – as of early May when we had a dialogue with him – started playing football on the streets of his city as an 8-year-old boy imitating the movements of Brazilian player Rivaldo and after him and Ronaldinho until he left the ball and went to Freestyle later and became his livelihood.

The player – who started with the ranks of the Engineering Association team in Omdurman, the buds category and the juniors of the Al-Jawhara team – left the ball for good: With the crosses it was not satisfactory to me as it was sticking to the players and it is difficult to transfer them to other clubs and I would have been better on the field and I saw that the club plan reduces my capabilities and does not benefit from my additional skills in creating opportunities and solutions. ”

Abdullah, who finds Ronaldinho in Brazil, a role model who wants to be the same, went to the five-a-side football and neighborhood stadiums in his city until 2010: “I got acquainted with the game of Freestyle and after two years I left football in the stadiums and became a rare player.

This is what helped – Abdullah, who wished professional football – to focus more on his studies – as was advised by his family: “I lost the desire for stadiums and professionalism because I was afraid of its impact on the academic side, and I study engineering, and all clubs have camps. Be a priority for the club. ”

He kept silent and then continued: “In general, it was difficult to progress in football due to several problems such as the lack of scouts in small clubs and the dependence of club administrations on registration with (wasta) and knowledge, and this is the reason many players left the stadiums and abandoned their dream and continued in the five-a-side courts “.

Amid the frustration he was experiencing for leaving the ball, he praised in return his followers and friends for his practice of “Freestyle Football”: “I made my first Freestyle show on 04/04/2011 at the Fourth Engineer Week at Omdurman Islamic University and it was my first show in front of a large audience and Theater, after 5 months of practicing Freestyle as a separate game, but I used to play football and Freestyle together from then until 2012. ”

His interest in the game of Freestial made him make friends with her practitioners from different countries of the world: “Society did not accept me but I threw from these support”, until he filmed his first video and posted it on his YouTube platform in July 2011: “Everyone after he watched my skills, he advised me to return to a ball Football and stadiums, while the same desire was not with his family: “My family say that it takes me from my time and drives me to study while at the same time some of my friends say that it does not benefit me on the field and a waste of time”, all of this changed with his professionalism of the Freestyle and his participation in External tournaments: “There was no example of a player in my country professionalizing the game and it motivated me.”

He took the 20-year-old at the time showing ball shows in the streets and public places in his country until he organized the first tournament for the “Freestyle Football”: “I want to publish the game and it was a gym in Khartoum 5 participants and I will be the sixth and the referees were footballers and I I won her title .. but the main goal was to introduce people to the game and spread it … It was from my entire organization and from my own pocket. ”

The reactions were good in his country and abroad, and he received a paid invitation from the African Game Federation in December 2013 to participate in a championship in the capital of South Africa, Johannesburg. From the championship that he organizes in his country before organizing it in subsequent copies at his expense and then I stopped for his preoccupation with his graduation project in college until she returned in September 2017 and the number was the largest 10 players – and the stage was also greater: “I was the organizer and the referee and there was an audience more than previously copied” .

In parallel with his organization of the local championship, he was publishing videos on his accounts on the networking sites and his circle of acquaintances with the game practitioners increasing: “I became the source of my income and I made offers in Qatar in 2014 in conjunction with the World Cup to invite people to watch the World Cup matches after an invitation I received from Arab Freestyle movement to be one of 5 Selected to present the offers, then I received an invitation from the African Union to participate in the continental championship, and they covered the costs and won the sixth place among 38 participants.

These are the offers that were paid in price and became more profitable than he would have had if he continued to work in engineering: “The work sites are far and the wages are not high and what I do in 5 minutes may double the monthly salary of the job.” As the view of family and friends began to change: March 2016 to participate in the Arab Open Championship in Cairo, and I got third out of 32 participants after my loss in the semi-finals, then I got second place globally for two years in a row 2017 and 2018 in tournaments organized by Freestyle players from Russia via the Internet before I became a referee in my copy 2019 and 2020 “.

And before that he had won a championship organized by Huawei Honor in 2018 to obtain a ticket to Russia; where the World Cup: “I made some offers there and filmed video clips in the streets of Moscow and received the trophy of the two tournaments that occupied the second place in them and they were organized by the Russians”, as he presented Offers for international soft drink companies and the dream is getting bigger one step at a time: “I was supposed to participate in the World Cup in Poland afterwards, but there was a problem with the passport.”

These are the things that prompted him to continue watching videos of players around the world to develop his skills, especially as he qualified for the Beach Games in Sal Island – June 2019: “I do not think I will have a suitable opportunity here, but I intend to collect good expenses from the Freestyle and develop myself with good courses and if I find He worked in the field of engineering in a better environment and in a second country. I could work as an engineer, but the priority is for the Freestyle. If my income improves in it, I can give engineering permanently to the field of mining engineering, occupying it in cellular areas and far from the city. ”


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