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The call made by the Supreme Committee for Human Fraternity for Believers of All Religions to pray on Thursday, May 14th, with the participation of His Eminence Ahmed Al Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, and His Holiness Pope Francis, Pope of the Vatican, in order that “God raises the epidemic of Corona, and inspires scientists to discover a drug that eliminates it, and saves the world from Health, economic and humanitarian consequences of its spread »represented An exceptional step in the history of the relationship between religions.

What is certain is that this invitation is not usual and has not been initiated by the major religious institutions in the world, except that the presence of Sheikh Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb with all his noble values, enlightenment, asceticism and uprightness, and also Pope Francis with his progressive views and openness to the other, as well as his asceticism and integrity, made the dreamy idea The human fraternity has a reality of pension.

It is true that these calls will not solve all the problems of the world, but they give energy to hope for many that coexistence between religions and the rejection of intolerance and hatred is possible, which can also represent energy of hope in politics that accepting pluralism in thought and visions is from the ages of the universe and life and not only between religions But also between countries.

Some may consider that the call to prayer is an invitation to “dependence”, especially in our Arab societies, so some will stop praying and not care about taking the reasons and forget the role of science in facing the pandemic.

The truth is that dependency has nothing to do with the call to prayer, as the call of human brotherhood categorically stipulated the role of science when it said: As we affirm our belief in the importance of the role of medicine and scientific research in dealing with this epidemic, we also do not forget to turn to God and invite people, all over the world , To turn to God with prayer, fasting and supplication.

The truth is that the role of science is decisive in the face of the Corona pandemic. As for the spiritual aspects, they belong to believers in all parts of the world, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and even those with non-monotheistic religions. Everyone has the right to practice religious or non-religious rituals that comfort him on a psychological and emotional level..

And if many considered listening to music an opportunity for rest and tranquility, and major parties of the world’s online teams spread across Europe (Online) Classic and non-classical musical pieces are played and considered by many to be their only source of comfort and calm in times of embargo and crisis, and without anyone putting this position in the face of science or a substitute for it.

Inviting people to a group prayer is an inspiring step for many believers and non-believers, because it carries a message of coexistence and love between all religions, and at the same time it gives people the ability to endure the coming difficulties without some people trying to make the expression of religious feelings as though it is against science and scholars, but it is a residential energy and reassurance for millions Humans.

So thank you, Sheikh Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb, and thank Pope Francis and yes to the human brotherhood.

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