I am subject to a treatment protocol set for everyone .. and my condition is stable .. I was annoyed by what was said to be in a private room


The able artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi assured her fans of her health
After she was newly infected with the Corona virus, she was transferred to the Isolation Hospital in Ismailia, she said
In her interview with Al-Bawaba News, she is currently in isolation hospital, and is receiving
The necessary care in the hospital, with the follow-up and attention of the medical staff as well as all
Injured people, and there is no difference between them, because care is not reserved for anyone, at the expense of anyone
Makes all of your prayers, O Lord, from my share, thank God, the situation now for my case can be described as stable, but I cannot say all completely except after taking the second anointment, and we see the result that I hope to
God willing, it will be negative, and to the text of the dialogue ..

* When will the second survey be completed?

– I’m in isolation, not about me
There is no power, and I walk on the treatment protocol that was developed for everyone, not for the hope of feasibility, and here in isolation
The rich and the poor are equal, and there is no Emir, Minister, and a poor person. Thank God for my thanks to the state.
President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the medical team who are doing their best to follow up on the crisis, they did not do like other countries like Italy, for example, where they decided not to treat the elderly who exceed
They are 60 years old, so our country is fine, and I am here at the heart of the event in the isolation hospital, and I send a message to everyone, they should not listen to rumors, and improve the belief in God first, the state, and what it does
From the efforts of Jabbar with all its specialties.

* The most irritating thing during you
Are you in isolation?

Silly rumors, and silly questions You sat down with whom? And the last star or star you saw and the places where you were, and I felt bad when I learned about what was published about

Doing my condolences to the friend Safaa Abu Al-Saud, and what was reported about the reason for my injury is due to my condolences to her virtuous husband, the famous Saudi businessman Sheikh Saleh Kamel

She continued, saying, while I was offering condolences, I was in good health, and whoever said that was a “defect on him”, how could he allow himself to bother other people who had no guilt on the matter in the first place.

She said: I am naturally committed and went to the condolences of Sheikh Saleh Kamel, wearing the muzzle and the purity of Abu Saud, as well as the wearer of the catcher, why did I cause her inconvenience, and I point out to her that it may be the reason for hurting me and she or others have no income or even vice versa, this thing is totally unacceptable

What were the details during the day of funeral?

On my introduction to the duty of consolation, Safa Abu Al-Saud received people outside the house in an open place in the garden of the house and everyone took into account the lack of crowding. I visit her, especially since she lives next to me, so I presented the duty, and she went, and everyone, as I indicated, was a wearer of cohesion and clarity of Abu Al-Saud first of us.

And what were the details during
Mourning day?

– Day I went to Madame Safa Abu
The Saudization was before Corona, and my health was good, as long as the serenity of condominiums erected the solace not inside
The house salon, we were in El Geneina, we were four separate people, and we all took into account the difference
With precautionary measures, it is my sweetheart, my girlfriend, and Sheikh Saleh Kamel has many favors for me, and less
I have an obligation to go to the duty of solace, and she lives next to me, so I presented the duty, and I went, and everyone as I indicated
He was wearing the knit and she is the first of us.

It also bothered me what was said: I am
In a special and privileged room, knowing that I went to the isolation hospital of my own will.

* Tell us about the details of your coming to

– I found that my temperature is high and high
After finishing the game Al-Nisyan, I returned to the fact that it was free, but when I woke up
I found my temperature still high, and I informed my daughter, Amira, and asked her not to express her stress and anxiety, and I took Panadol, but the temperature was still high and I spoke to the doctor, “Adel Talat.”

I explained to him that my temperature is high
Only, and there are no symptoms, so he asked me to do x-rays and lung drawings, and I actually did the required examination and said
To me the unhappy news, it’s Corona. Then I went to the smear and the result was positive, and I started crying
The doctor asked me not to cry and hold, and I asked my daughter, Amira, to call “isolation”
And the people answered an idea and did not inform them that I hope for feasibility. She said to them, “I am Amira Hassan Mukhtar,” so we must
To improve our belief in God, and those around us, always and forever, say: We will not be affected except by what God has written for us.

Thank God I am all people
You love me, but there are some hearts echoing my heartache, and there is some evil in it, but I seek
Excuse them, and I say: It is not evil, but their tongue betrayed them.

* What about your daughter have you been taking
Smear from them and check on them?

– Thank God this was done, and the result
Negative, and attack God Almighty.

* What advice do you give?
For citizens?

– I ask the Egyptian people to be careful,
“We are not deficient, but people come to the house and put on you the mask and the muzzle, group. I know him
We, the Egyptians, are used to speaking in “the soul of one another, confuse one another, embrace each other and confuse us, so please
We take leave of confusion, dress, safety, and hugging.

Corona is a lesson from God
For me and everyone, I consider it an opportunity to correct some errors and thinking, and only God Almighty will deliver us from it
Returning to our Lord, and I repeat to those who ask silly questions and search for ridiculousness that I took from where? I took it
From our Lord, this reminds me when some go to mourning and ask the family of the deceased is how died? A traditional question, so what does it concern you with death? He is now in the hands of God, he will neither submit nor delay anything.

* What is your message from inside a hospital?
Isolation to the Egyptian people?

– I love I explain to people that I was infected with corona from our Lord, and I was amazed at those searching for where the infection came to me and who I went and whoever was in contact with me. You are very aware of our concern and concern for everything but without the other and the most important thing is commitment to all preventive measures.

Also I wonder: Why do some people try to bring those close to me to feel a sense of torture, and that they are the reason without having any guilt in anything, as the Corona infection that afflicted me from God.

My thanks go to the medical care staff who give everything they can for all, without discrimination. Because it is a protocol and a system that was developed for everyone, and she continued her speech saying: “I mean, this group is a unified treatment that all patients take, so it means they will not give me” an extra pill or a hemotonic, for God has to judge your minds before launching any word and “if the one who speaks crazy, the listener remains sane “.


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