“I don’t like Al-Hanash” … a comic reaction from Abdullah with goodness in “Ramez Majnoon official”


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Emirati singer Abdullah Al-Khair has been a guest on the “Ramez Majnoon Official” program shown on MBC channels.

The episode started by hosting the guest’s media and asking him about some topics related to art, then I asked him to comment on the pictures of the singer Ahlam, the player Mohamed Salah and the artist Ramiz Jalal.

Abdullah answered with goodness about his opinion of Ramiz Jalal, saying: “I love him and appreciate him.”

In the third paragraph, Ramez Jalal punished Abdullah with good use of water and threatening the crab, and the guest started shouting after he wrapped the chair and sprayed it with water more than once.

And Abdullah was agitated, saying: “I love my fans and hate you.” Ramez Jalal punished him with the basin’s passage.

Ramez Jalal brought the snake, to tell Abdullah with goodness: “I don’t like the hanch.

Ramez Jalal commented on Abdullah Al-Khair’s episode by publishing a picture of him with the Emirati singer on Twitter, commenting: “My love, my goodness”, with emoji hearts.

Abdullah, with goodness, released the “Twitter” website after appearing on the official “Ramez Majnoon” program.

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