I don’t like Mohamed Sobhi … video


The artist Sabri Fawaz said that he does not like the artist Mohamed Sobhi, whether on a personal or professional level, and he refuses to meet with him in any work of art.

It is a clear expression of his personal and professional vision without compliments and no biases, and it is a comment that resonated widely with supporters and opponents, and I was surprised at how many supporters of Fawaz’s vision for Muhammad Subhi … Fawaz’s right to express his opinion without offending Muhammad Sobhi or others.

What is striking is how much support for Fawaz’s opinion of Mohamed Sobhi that he is a great director … and a good actor … only good.

When Fawaz was asked, during his hosting on the Saturday episode of the program “Sheikh Al-Harra and Al-Jaray’ ”, presented by director Enas Al-Deghaidi, on“ Cairo and People ”about the reason for his lack of love for Mohamed Sobhi, he replied that this was due to the actions issued by him towards some colleagues he did not like, Besides the positions he witnessed by himself, without touching them.

He said: “I don’t like the way Muhammed Subhi works, but I respect him as a great theater director and as a good actor,” as he put it. He added, “The way he works is a fan, and I saw needs in my eyes that made me love you.”


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