I look … Haifa Wehbe’s daughter changed her shape to become Angelina Jolie


Zainab Fayyad, daughter of the Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe, published an exciting video of her, through her account on the social networking site “Instagram”, and she is wearing makeup that made her a mirror image of American actress Angelina Jolie.
Zainab Fayyad commented on the video, expressing her happiness to everyone who praised her and her beauty, and said: “Do not imagine how happy you were with the amount of messages and your positive comments on this dump.”

And she continued: “I love you with love, this is the video of all the following they asked, and of course, Angelina Jolie’s idea was my friend’s idea.”

The video won the interaction of many commentators, stressing that the similarity between her and Angelina Jolie is great, praising her beauty, while some considered that the makeup showed her mix between Angelina and her mother Haifa Wehbe.


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