I was in trouble because Mama was not acting


Farida Hosam, the child who embodied the role of Nagla Mohamed Ramadan in the Prince series, said: The scene of her crying in the “Prince” series, which is topped by “Trend”, was real, and the reason for this was the absence of her mother on the set, expressing her strong love for acting with her commitment to study.

Farida Hosam, who plays “Maryam”, in the “Prince” series, during her interview with Wael El-Ibrashy, on the “Ninth” program, broadcast on the Egyptian Channel 1, added that the director of the work, Mohamed Sami, praised her after completing the crying scene, and continued: The director told me you made a sweet scene … I like acting because my brothers are all acting … and I cried because I did not exist. ”

For his part, Hazem Hossam, the child’s brother Farida, who participated in the dialogue, said that he and the rest of the family are representing, and his sister, “Farida,” liked acting in a large manner, even though she did not exceed the age of five, in addition to that she abides by all instructions and responds to everything her mother says to her, during Her study period for the role she will play in front of the camera.

For his part, director Mohamed Sami said, the secret of Farida Hossam’s brilliance in the “Prince” series is her talent and courage in performing her work in front of the camera despite her young age, and he continued: “Farida is very talented and her role is very difficult .. I chose her because she is very involved..Adults will be terrified. From the camera, let alone a girl. ”

“Sami” added, during a phone call to “The Ninth” program, presented by Wael El-Ibrashi, through the Egyptian Channel One, that dealing with children requires dealing with a specific policy during acting, and he continued: “And I am careful that the voice of the crow cannot be loud in children’s scenes so that no You are in a state of fear … It is very difficult that you take from any child any feelings that represent her fear. ”

Director Mohamed Sami revealed the reason behind the crying of the child Farida Hosam, in the series “Al-Prince”, which published the trend of the short blogging site “Twitter”, was real, and continued: “I deliberately removed my mother from her, and when she found herself in the middle of the situation and her mother is not behind the camera And she does not know when we will truly stop crying … she cried because she did not find her mother in front of her. “


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