Ibn al-Assad appears in a third video revealing the details of his negotiations with the regime


Source: Arabic.net

Syrian businessman Rami Makhlouf, a cousin of Bashar al-Assad, revealed the details of his negotiations with the Syrian regime, apologizing to the families of employees in his companies who were arrested by the security authorities, confirming their continued detention without taking legal measures against them.

Makhlouf, in a new video clip posted on his Facebook page under the title: “The wrongdoers are some of them are guardians of each other and God is my guardian,” he renewed his warning about the collapse of the “Syriatel” communications company, warning of a catastrophe on the Syrian economy.

He also revealed the resignation of his brother, who was the vice-chairman of the “Syriatel” company, after he refused to sign contracts that serve the people he described as a warlord.

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