Ibrahim Fayek: Strong conditions for the clubs in the event of the return of the league


The media, Ibrahim Fayek, affirmed that the fate of the Egyptian league will be determined within the next 21 days, whether by resuming activity and returning sporting life again, or being satisfied with what was presented in the season with the last period and not completing the remainder, saying: “21 days with complete and complete will be separated to an extent It is great if we will have a role, or not, and the decision will be taken during the remaining weeks of May, especially since the situation became clear to the continuation of the ban until the end of the month of Ramadan. “

During the presentation of his program, “Fans of the Thala” via “Ontime Sport 2” screen, Fayek added that the coming period will witness the determination of the fate of the league competition, while setting a condition for the clubs to sign a declaration of their full responsibility for the safety of their employees and players by following the precautionary and preventive measures according to the World Health Organization, pointing to That this approval will be the object of a large number of clubs, especially since there is a group demanding the cancellation of the league due to their critical position in the competition schedule, but they say that their desire to cancel is due to fear for the safety of the players.

The officials of the five-year committee of the Football Association confirmed that they are committed to a return The general league They reject the idea of ​​cancellation, as evidence of submitting more than one scenario to the Minister of Youth and Sports to resume the competition, including the return on August 1 and the end in October, with the new season starting in the middle of the same month.

He clarified that the quinquennial committee did not discuss the issue of granting the League Shield to Al-Ahly Club this season if a decision was issued by the Council of Ministers not to resume the league, especially since there is nothing in the list stipulating this matter on the one hand, and on the other hand, there are matches for the second round that have not been fully performed It is considered to be capable of flipping the scales and switching positions in light of the difference in points that can be compensated if the league resumes.

The Football Association officials continued that the previous positions during which the football season was canceled, did not witness the crowning of the leading team with the league shield after the cancellation, but the season was considered as if not, which will be implemented if the league is canceled this season, especially since the five-year committee did not discuss this matter And did not discuss it with the clubs.


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