In a previous interview for the seventh day .. Safaa Abu Al-Saud reveals the secret of her marriage to Sheikh Saleh Kamel


Sheikh Saleh Kamel, the man who left our world yesterday Monday at the age of 79, was not just a businessman who loves Egypt, or a Saudi citizen who wishes goodness for a brother’s country, but his entire life, half of it was Saudi, and the other half Egyptian, with the taste and flavor of the star Safaa Abu Al Saud He chose to be his life partner.

The star Safaa Abu Al-Saud has been starred in her media appearances and press conversations for many years, and she rarely talks about her personal life, but in a dialogue for “The Seventh Day” in April 2018, she opened her heart and agreed to answer the question that remains chasing every artist who decides to marry An entrepreneur, “Did you marry him for love or for money?”

The answer was:

“Absolutely, praise be to God, my life, what I thought about it, my father was a police brigade and an assistant minister of interior, and our financial situation was very easy, and my life was not desirable with anyone, and I simplified the priority of the one with me, and my father taught me to tell others.”

Safaa Abu Al-Saud and her late husband, Saleh Kamel
Safaa Abu Al-Saud and her late husband, Saleh Kamel

The star Safa Abu Al-Saud followed:

“The matter is simply that I found a man who is human and respectful, all loving and respectful, and does not trade in my reputation or my talent or by being beside him, so I agreed to marry him without calculations or complications, because that is what any girl in her life partner wishes.

Tamer Ismail with Safaa Abu Al-Saud
Tamer Ismail with Safaa Abu Al-Saud

And on the reason for moving away from art after her marriage, she said:

“- I did not get away from art at all, and it does not mean that I got away from the cinema because I got away from art, because I am present in channels”ART»And the presentation of programs is an art, and the presenter is essentially half represented, and he must have an aspect of representative performance, and if he does not do so, he will not be influential or present at all.

Safaa Abu Al-Saud and Saleh Kamel
Safaa Abu Al-Saud and Saleh Kamel

And about her life as a mother and does she see herself succeeding in that? Abu Al-Saud said:

“A difficult question, I do not assess myself, but certainly everyone has deficiencies, which I am sure of. I tried to be a good mother and continue to do so all the time, but I do not know that I succeeded in this percentage by a percentage.”


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