In pictures – the fact that Amr Diab isolated himself from his wife because of the corona


A case of controversy and fear experienced by Amr Diab’s fans after it was announced that Raja Al-Jeddawi has been infected with the Corona virus, and that comes because of her participation in the series “Oblivion Game” with Dina Sherbini’s wife, Amr Diab.

And many press reports indicated that Amr Diab decided to isolate himself, his wife Dina El-Sherbiny, but close sources came out that this did not happen, and that they conducted an analysis regarding the Corona virus.

The public gave a lot of support to Amr Diab and Rajaa Al-Jeddawi. Here are the most prominent comments:

To the right is sincere Hassan, brother of Ahmed Malik
And we have times Amr Diab
And the names of Jalal her birthday were yesterday and she was with her companions and the status of Asturi and she embraces them all and the people of the people to transgress and the companions of the people of the people to encroach, so she will make smears for the people of the people and their companions and the people of their companions and the owners of their companions and a big at home

Rajaa Al-Jeddawi toured Krona, and she was representing two days with Dina Al-Sherbini. She is not Amr Diab, and with Ahmed Dawoud, he is married to Ola Rushdie, with a series of 100 b. With Nelly Karim and a series. We love another one. Amir Karara, the choice


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