In pictures – these two teenagers have become famous Syrian artists


Activists on social media shared an old picture of the two brother Syrian artists Muhammad and Ahmad Al-Ahmad, who appeared in their teenage years playing dogs. The photo caught the attention of many of the followers on the accounts that were republished on the Instagram photo and video application.

It is noteworthy that they have become one of the most prominent faces of the Syrian screen, and it is mentioned that Ahmed raised interest in many Syrian works, most notably the series “Al-Khirba”, which was presented for the first time on the screen in the year 2011 in addition to the artists Derrid Lahham, Rashid Assaf, Basem Yakhour, Muhammad Hadaaqi, Shukran Murtaja, Muhammad Khair Al-Jarrah and Duha Al-Dibs, Jamal Al-Ali and others, in which he played the role of waste collector Simon Bou Kaqour.

As for Mohamed, he appeared for the first time in the year 2002 in the series “Hulagu”, and he also participated in other works, most notably “Al-Zahir Baybars”, “Things Like Love”, “Qamar Bani Hashem”, “Another Rainy Day”, “Pisces” and “Men of Decisiveness” And “My heart is with you”, “Little hearts”, “I am Jerusalem”, “Wadi Al-Sayeh”, “Mirage”, “Blue Lantern”, “Happened in Damascus”, “Women from this time” and “Black granites”.


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