In protest against the breach of the borders .. Sudan summons the Ethiopian ambassador


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Al-Arabiya correspondent in Sudan reported that the Ethiopian ambassador in Khartoum was summoned to protest against Boundary breach The Ethiopian militia supported by the Ethiopian army invaded and attacked the Sudanese territories, killing and wounding a number of officers, security personnel and citizens, including children.

The director of the neighboring countriess administration in the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs conveyed to the Ethiopian Charge d’Affaires the condemnation and rejection of the Sudanese government for this sinful attack that comes at a time when preparations were taking place in Khartoum to hold the second meeting of the high-level joint committee headed by the Sudanese Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and from the Ethiopian side Deputy Prime Minister.

He also called for taking measures to stop such attacks, and warned that the sustainability and development of cooperation between the two countries must be based on mutual respect for the sovereignty, independence and borders of each of them and the right of their peoples to live in safety and peace, and the use of their natural and economic resources without the forgiveness or aggression of any party on the other .

Prevent any violations

Meanwhile, Sudanese army spokesman, Amer Muhammad al-Hassan, announced on Friday a cautious calm on the Ethiopian border. Al-Hassan for “Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath” “All options are open if Ethiopian attacks continue.” He also added: “We have sent reinforcements to the borders of Ethiopia to prevent any violations.”

Al-Hassan explained that “the interference of the Ethiopian forces in the recent attacks was clear.”

It is noteworthy that the Sudanese-Ethiopian border witnessed, on Thursday, in the state of Gedaref, a new tension after the infiltration of the Ethiopian militia on the border and its aggression on agricultural projects in the area of ​​Barka Norit and the village of the Knights, and the area of ​​the border in the state of Gedaref in the Sudanese state in the east of the country, which is a remote agricultural region.

It also clashed with a Sudanese military force in Barakat Noreen camp, according to the Sudanese News Agency, which led to the killing of a Sudanese army captain and a child, as well as the injury of a number of soldiers and civilians.

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