In these countries, Tesla cuts its car prices by 5,000 dollars


Source: Dubai –

Tesla lowered prices for its “3”, “S” and “X” cars in North America and China.

The S and X models saw discounts of up to $ 5,000, with car prices at $ 74,990 and $ 79,990, respectively.

And Model 3 will drop by a further 2,000 dollars, at $ 37,990.

Prices for Y model, the latest car from Tesla, have not changed.

Tesla confirmed in a publication that the company will also reduce the prices of Model S and Model X cars that are sold in China, while the Model 3, which the company produces locally, will not be reduced.

The electric car company did not provide an official reason for the price cuts, but according to Reuters, Tesla is trying to stimulate sales after falling demand for cars due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

It was reported that auto retail sales halved in April compared to the previous year, as people stayed home and cut unnecessary travel.

Other auto manufacturers, such as General Motors, Ford and Chrysler Fiat, offer 0% financing and deferred payment options.


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