Including a false accusation of security .. Sources reveal accusations faced by “Girl T


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Thursday 28 May 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

Sources familiar with the investigations revealed new details in the accusation of “Menna Abdel Aziz,” known medialy as “Tik Tok girl,” of a young man named “Mazen Ibrahim” of beating and sexual assault in a video clip broadcast on her personal account.

The Public Prosecution Office ordered the arrest of the accused, Aya, who was known as “Menna Abdel-Aziz” and six others; For interrogation, after circulating a video accusing him of infringing on her.

The sources said in special statements that the girl will face several accusations between the content of the videos that contradict public taste and the traditions of the society that she transmits through her personal accounts on social media sites – according to Internet Investigations monitoring – in addition to accusing the security services of negligence by saying in the video “The government is not correct” without editing Any record.

The sources – who asked not to be named – added that the security services have reservations about “Mazen” and “Menna” inside the Talbiyah Police Department until they are brought before the Public Prosecution.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor stated in a press statement today, Thursday, that the investigations of the General Department of Giza Investigations concluded that the defendants committed crimes, including: the incident of infringement of the accused “Aya” that circulated on various social media sites during the past week, and by presenting the investigations to the Public Prosecution; It ordered that the defendants be arrested for interrogation while they were accused.

The Attorney General, Hamada Al-Sawy, transmitted to the Competent Prosecution a report prepared by the Monitoring and Analysis Unit of the Statement Department of the Attorney General’s Office. It included what was reported on social media on facts attributed to the accused, including the incident of abuse mentioned.

The beginning was with the appearance of “Menna”, which he follows through her account on Instagram, about 50 thousand people, and 83 thousand followers of “Tik Tok”, crying and beating traces, and claimed in a video clip of her raping and coercive filming of her boyfriend “Mazen” in agreement with his friends.

Within minutes, “tik-to-girl” topped the search engines and social media platforms; For the young man, “Mazen,” complaining about him, to post a video collection through his Facebook account to respond to the accusations against him.

Less than two hours later, the company of Mazen and two others appeared, denying the authenticity of what came on her tongue in the first clip, stressing, “There is no need between us … he is my big brother and we reconciled.”

The video clips published by “Menna” and her friend “Mazen” and a third named “Shaima” were subject to monitoring and follow-up by the security services at the Ministry of Interior in coordination with the Internet Investigation and the Giza Security Directorate headed by Major General Mahmoud al-Sabili.

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