Including a Ferrari, Raghad Saddam Hussein vowed to sue the owners of her family’s property


Raghad, the daughter of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, warned those who seized her family’s property from legal accountability, stressing that she would prosecute all those who seized the personal property of her family.

On Sunday, Raghad Saddam Hussein, through her Twitter account, posted a picture of a red Ferrari belonging to the family of Saddam Hussein.

The picture was taken from a program broadcast by Motor, a website specialized in car news. The program talks about the cars of the former Iraqi President’s family and sold outside Iraq.

Iraqis interacted with the tweet of Saddam Hussein’s daughter, and their views differed between a supporter of the right to return the property of her family, and a questioner about how Saddam’s family obtained these properties in the first place.

Saddam Hussein is the fourth president in the history of Iraq. He ruled more than two decades, developed the economy, fought Iran, invaded Kuwait and faced the West in two wars. He was executed after the US invasion of Iraq on December 30, 2006, and his execution sparked a wave of widespread Arab and international protests.

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