Including a mobile camera .. 4 ways to register a citizen reading a gas meter


10:28 am

Saturday 09 May 2020

Port Said – Tareq Al-Rifai:
PetroTrade Company, one of the oil sector companies, announced today, Saturday, 4 ways through which the citizen can record the meter reading by himself, after the callers were warned not to enter homes and take the meter reading, in order to ensure the safety of customers and collectors.

In a statement, she indicated that the reading of the report is made from the day 1 to 15 of every calendar month through the company’s website the QR code on the bill can be read on the mobile camera, and the customer will refer directly to the site, or via the Android mobile application on the site, or through the interactive voice response service through the mobile on 5727 and the landline at 09000727, and the reading can be recorded from Through “Call Center” from any mobile on the number 1122, explaining that it is possible to pay through the electronic payment companies’ outlets: “Fawry – Masary – Aman – B”.

The company stressed that in the event that a customer’s reading is not included, an average consumption of the last 6 months will be calculated to determine the average monthly consumption, and the value of this average will be included in the invoice as an amount without including a reading, while in the event that the customer includes the reading himself, his account will be settled automatically without the need to submit an application Settlement.

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