Including Reham Al-Sahli and Nimr Al-Nimr .. 5 media personnel infected with Corona virus


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During the past hours, 5 journalists were infected with the Corona virus, while those in contact with the Media Production City and the Egyptian Television Building are currently being examined.

Incidents of infection included announcer Ilham Nimr’s infection with the first channel of the Egyptian TV with Corona virus, and broadcaster Reham Al-Sahli with the “Extra News” satellite channel, and her stay in one of the isolation hospitals of the Ministry of Health to receive treatment, the Egyptian broadcaster Aya Abdel Rahman, the media announcer Dalia Abu Omar, and the broadcaster “Nagham F” M »Amr Salah.

And Aya Abd al-Rahman wrote, on her personal page on the Facebook site, “Praise be to God, I was confirmed infected with the Coronavirus,” asking her to pray for her recovery.

And the verse of Abdul Rahman added, “By informing you of this news, because first, I need your sincere invitations from the heart, and secondly I am confident that our Lord will grant me recovery very soon thanks to your great love and invitations.”

And I added, “I will tell you about my experience with Koruna Pasha.”

Haitham Al-Fil, one of the friends of the media, Amr Salah, wrote on his Facebook account, saying: “O people who love me, he claims to Amr Salah .. Amr, for me, is not a broadcaster or an actor who worked with me over the years … After my first entry to the media, he was with me. He believed his talent from the first moment.

He continued in his words: “Amr al-Jaddana, sincerity and love in the workplace and his right to work, Amr is one of the few sincere ones who confess thanks to any limit and assistance. What kind of quality is this? There is no such thing as any limit of love for our programs. The ruling after the practice and the spy and mafia is sure. Tune Fm now also ».

He concluded his speech by saying: “You will rise from it, O Amr, God willing, by safety … Corona and Sons of Eh … Arise from it so that we can make a new need, God willing.” May God protect you, Amr, and guard you with his care. Thank you, Ahmed Mohsen, you have known me along so as to be sure in many people that you love Amr, and when you know he will call him.

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