Incredible picture: model rose before and after cosmetic


The news of the Rose scandal has spread on social media, and the hashtag, named after the Model Rose scandal, has been published by the social media websites, especially Twitter, and this came despite the fact that the hashtag did not include any information, pictures or scandal in the intended meaning, so the search for that matter has increased.

Model Rose rose before and after makeup:

Where an image of an old-fashioned Saudi rose was circulated on the social networking site before she performed plastic surgery and appeared in a way that is final different from her form at the present time, which many followers interacted with that image and the many questions about how Rose changed her shape significantly and how many operations she performed .

It is reported that Model Rose is a girl who was born in Saudi Arabia, specifically in the eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and her mother is from the Medina region, but she lived her childhood in the Eastern Region and then moved to Riyadh.

And then she moved to living in the United Kingdom and that came after she studied interior design, which was her dream in studying, so she decided to move from Saudi Arabia.

When she settled in the United Kingdom, Model Rose gained a great reputation in social networks and social media pages. She also participated in a number of fashion shows and photo sessions, but her primary work is that she is a model of cosmetic products and it is reported that she has achieved great success in this field.


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