Info Graph .. The 5 most prominent statements from Al-Ahly’s coalition over the 20 years since its crowning with Al-Qarn Club


Al-Ahly celebrated its 20th anniversary in the title of the Horn of Africa after the late former President Al-Ahly was awarded the Club of the Twentieth Century by the African Union in the celebration in South Africa.

Al-Ahly channel was keen to bring a huge number of stars to give their opinion on Al-Ahly club and crown it as the Club of the Horn of Africa.

Al-Ahly channel hosted public figures from inside and outside Egypt, including sports, cultural and artistic, to talk about the achievements and greatness of Al-Ahly Club.

Perhaps the most prominent statements that spoke about the club’s resolve:


Zahi Hawass’s statement: “The Ahlis were pharaohs”

Tariq Dhiyab’s statement: “Al-Ahly is the sports tank in Egypt.”

Yaqoub Al-Saadi’s statement: “He who built Egypt’s confectioner was originally Ahlawy.”

Hafeez Darraji’s statement: “I hope Al-Ahly will achieve the title of the 21st century.”

Hussam Ashour’s statement: “Al-Ahly is the greatest club in the universe”


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