Instagram announces new benefits for fighting bullies


The social networking site “Instagram” is trying to stop bullying on its platform with new features that give people more control over who can post comments or offensive signs, and the photo-sharing application, owned by Facebook, will allow users to choose who can put a tag (tag) Them and the reference (mention) Post them in posts and delete negative comments at once.

And Instagram was among the social media platforms criticized for failing to act quickly enough to remove offensive and potentially dangerous content..

Developers launched a restriction tool last year that allows users to block people who leave bad comments about them in response to their posts, according to Russia today.

The new feature will allow users to pin a specified number of positive comments to the top of the comments section in posts across the platform rather than just posting them.

“We have seen the marks can be used,” Instagram said in a statement (tag) And signals (mention) To target or bully others, so we are introducing new controls that allow you to manage who can use these services on Instagram“.

“You can choose whether you want everyone, or only the people you follow, or no one, to be able to tag.” (tag) Or mention you (mention) In a comment or story. “

A company spokesman said: “We know that managing a series of negative comments can make you feel tired, so we’ve tested the ability to delete bad comments in bulk, as well as blocking or restricting multiple accounts that post negative comments.“.

He continued, saying that the initial results were encouraging, as the new features enable users to maintain a positive environment in their accounts.


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