IPhone keyboard trick simplifies copy and paste


The British “Mirror” website highlighted a trick with the iPhone keyboard that facilitates copying and pasting text, as it is the most popular Apple phones around the world, as it already has many tricks and tricks that can make everyday tasks much easier.

The last trick that spread abundantly on social media makes it easy to copy and paste the text, and recover any text that I deleted by mistake, as George Rayley, the user of the application TikTok A video about the trick in progress, written: “Great keyboard tricks!”

He explained: “If you are writing something and deleted it by mistake, you can use three fingers to scroll to the left, and it will be undone, and in the meantime, if you want to copy text, you can use three fingers again, but simply tap the screen, then to paste use Three fingers again, attach it to the outside! “.

Many users responded TikTok On the video, expressing their joy with simple and useful tricks, as one of the users said: “This is very useful, and I always delete my notes accidentally, while another wrote:” It actually works! It also works in letters. “

A video clip comes shortly after the iPhone user detects the last trick that allows you to set a timer directly from the home screen, and to set a timer quickly on your iPhone, just open the control panel by swiping down from the top left corner of the screen, then press with Hold the watch button on the bottom row of the screen.

A column will appear on the screen, just swipe your finger up and down to set the timer duration, which ranges from one to two hours, and when you are satisfied with the time, press start, and the timer will start.


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