Is it really time for global change after 100 years?


The excellent words of Mufti Al-Jaafari, Sheikh Ahmed Qablan, about the “ending of the formula on which he was raised” echoed strongly. But was the Mufti Qablan expressing the opinion of the Shiite officials, or did the man say what he feels after the retreat of the Lebanese formula, especially the absence of the need, whether for the Greater Lebanon Declaration 100 years ago, or for the charter that enshrined the rule of what was called political Maronism? A year after the signing of the National Accord Document or the Taif Agreement, the Grand Mufti al-Jaafari, Sheikh Qablan, the son of the Vice-President of the Supreme Shiite Islamic Council, Sheikh Abd al-Amir Qablan, launched a violent attack on the Lebanese system, returning that the formula on which Lebanon originated ended, and that the constitution was corrupt.
And what is worth stopping with is that Qablan previously talked about the end of the economic formula that has ruled Lebanon since 1992, so that his words came on the morning of Eid al-Fitr and it was a continuation of what he said weeks ago without anyone commenting on his words, even if party leaders spoke the same and even the President of the Republic carried reasons The economic crisis of the previous economic and financial policies, and so did Prime Minister Hassan Diab.
It is no secret that the Taif Agreement came in accordance with …

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