It has tripled … how the population of Greater Cairo has developed in 40 years


08:23 PM

Friday 22 May 2020

Books – Ahmed Jumaa:

The National Population Council published an infographic that explains the development of the population in Greater Cairo from 1980 to 2020 and its expectations for the population of Greater Cairo until 2035.

The infographics published by the Council on Facebook on Friday indicated that the population of Greater Cairo in 1980 amounted to 7 million and 349 thousand, and in 1985 it reached 8 million and 328 thousand, and in 1990 it reached 9 million and 892 thousand, while in 1995 it reached 11 million And 962 thousand.

The population of Greater Cairo in 2000 reached about 13 million and 626 thousand, and in 2005 it reached 15 million and 174 thousand, and in 2010 it reached 16 million and 899 thousand, and in 2015 it reached 18 million and 820 thousand, and in the current year 2020 it reached 20 million and 901 thousand.

According to the infographics published by the council, it is expected that the population of Greater Cairo in 2025 will reach more than 23 million, in 2030 to about 26 million, and in 2035 to more than 30 million.

The infograph indicated that the population of Greater Cairo had nearly tripled between 1980 and 2020.

The infograph showed that, by 2035, more than 24% of the Egyptian population will live in Greater Cairo, noting that Greater Cairo this year 2020 ranks seventh in the world in terms of population density, and is expected to occupy the fifth rank in 2035.


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