Italy is considering easing travel restrictions between its territories


12:57 am

Wednesday 27 May 2020

The Italian Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Paola de Mikliel announced that this week the lifting of travel restrictions between the country’s regions will be evaluated, according to Russia today.

She added in press statements today: “We decided to adopt a method with the regions, based on absolute transparency, as it provides us with data related to infection, so that the Ministry of Health will evaluate it accordingly.”

Regarding tourism flows at the European level, she said: “We are coordinating the matter with Foreign Ministers Luigi de Mayo, Tourism Dario Franceschini and Health Roberto Speranza to define the prospects of the tourism sector in the coming months.”

“The part of my specialist is related to getting, by June 15, guidance on the movement of the transport sector between European countries and on an equal footing. We will also assess the health conditions of other European countries, and there will be a European decision on the arrival of tourists from outside Europe.”

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