Johnson announces opening of primary schools: “We will defeat the virus”


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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced today, Sunday, the transition to the second phase of easing the closing procedures by reopening the doors of primary schools. “We are determined to defeat With the emerging corona virus. “Noting that the collective will helped to confront the pandemic.

Johnson said in a press conference that the return to the places of study will be confined in the first stage to students between the ages of four and six and between ten and 11 years.

He explained that high school students will come back to prepare for the exams starting June 15.

Controversy over Johnson’s decision

The issue of the reopening of schools raises controversy in the countries with the highest mortality rate Covid-19 in Europe and the second highest rate of injuries among the countries of the continent.

According to the latest toll announced by the government, about 37,000 deaths were recorded on British soil for people confirmed to have Covid-19, knowing that this number might rise to more than 41,000 due to the presence of suspected deaths due to the epidemic.

Last week, teachers ’unions called on the government to reconsider the decision to reopen schools due to persistent health concerns.
Several local authorities in England had ruled out reopening schools on June 1, given that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had decided to keep schools closed next month.

Corona from Britain
Corona from Britain

While Wales has not set a date for the reopening of schools, classes in educational institutions in Scotland will be partially resumed from 11 August.

In Northern Ireland, students will not return to school until September.

On Friday, the government’s emergency scientific advisory committee considered the evidence that children were likely to be affected or affected by the disease is not conclusive.

However, she noted, the risks for children remain lower compared to adults.

Corona from Britain
Corona from Britain

Johnson supports his counselor

In another context, the British Prime Minister said that he supports his advisor Dominic Cummings, who is under pressure to resign because of his travel during the general isolation procedures after the symptoms of the Corona virus appear on his wife.

“I think he acted responsibly and legally in all respects,” he told a news conference.

For his part, the Minister of Transport, Grant Shaps, announced on Sunday that the British government intends to abide by the plan to reopen primary schools for some students starting from the first of June.

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