Joint statement between Stadat Holding and the National War Production Authority regarding the Peace Stadium


The National War Production Authority revealed the details of its contract with Estadat Holding Company, according to which it obtained the right to use and manage some of the Authority’s facilities, including the Peace Stadium.

The Military Production Authority said in a joint statement with a company Holding StadiumsWithin the framework of the contract concluded between the National Military Production Corporation and Estadat Holding Company, which specializes in the management and development of sports facilities, and which is responsible for managing sports facilities in peace that the authority has the right to use, including the Peace Stadium, the authority confirms its welcome to receive all clubs, teams and sponsorships The various entities are to practice their activities on those establishments according to the agreements and contracts they conclude with the aforementioned company in charge of management. In this regard, the Authority confirms that the signature of the company in charge of management “Stadium stadiums for any of these agreements and contracts is within the terms and provisions of its contract concluded with the National War Production Authority, including The company in charge of management is solely responsible for the implementation of any obligations arising from its agreements and contracts with others during the period of validity of the management contract, and it is solely responsible for any breach of the terms of its agreements and contracting with others, with the need to obtain written approval from the authority before entering into any agreements Or contracts exceeding one year and not exceeding the period of validity of the agreements and contracts concluded by the management company “Estadat Holding Company” With others, the remaining period of the management contract concluded between the authority and the company, which ends on 6/30/2028, and that these agreements and contracts do not include any provisions that might prejudice the identity of those establishments and what benefits their dependence on military production, especially with regard to the need to preserve the presence of a name. “.

The authority confirms its confidence that the contract concluded by “Estadat Holding Company” would develop these facilities in a way that would greatly benefit the Egyptian sport and all of our beloved people.


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