Jumana Murad: “I manage my accounts … and in my spare time I cook for my husband and son


11:17 PM

Friday 15 May 2020

Books- Diaa Mostafa:

Jumana Murad said she is the one who manages her accounts on Instagram and Twitter, and she wants her followers.

During her close conversation with Masrawy, Mourad added that her followers enjoy light blood, noting that they are giving her a strong boost.

She indicated that she is busy filming, but when she is free, she cooks for her son and husband.

She explained that her cooking is good, noting that she is fluent in Syrian and Egyptian food.

She noted that filming in Ramadan is tiring, because sometimes it is time for fasting, or it extends after breakfast until the second day.

The star Jumana Murad, in an interview via “Instagram” Masrawy, with the journalist Ahmed Al-Jazzar, head of the art sector.

Jumana talks during her meeting about her artistic absence during the past seven years, and her return to Egyptian drama through the series “Betrayal Ahd”, with the star Yousra.

Jumana also talks about the scenes of her preparation for the addictive character “Sherine”, and the difficult scenes she made in the events of the series.

“A Betrayal of Ahad” is exhibited within the Ramadan race, and co-starring Jumana Murad, Hala Shiha, Abeer Sabri, Khaled Sarhan and directed by Sameh Abdulaziz


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