Kef agrees to support the unions with a sum of 10.8 million dollars to counter the effects of Corona


During the videoconference, the Confederation of the Confederation of African Football agreed to immediately distribute financial grants to member federations, to support football management at local levels severely affected by the outbreak of the new Coruna virus.

A total of $ 10.8 million will be transferred to 54 associations on the continent as part of a relief plan to ease the financial burden on the African football community during these unprecedented times.

“Because of the rapid spread of the new Corona virus, all local competitions have been suspended, which has caused huge financial burdens on their shoulders, and therefore CAF has decided to postpone the eligibility requirements for annual grants, so that all member states can Take advantage during this difficult period. “

CAF is assessing the opportunity for additional financial support for member associations to resume and organize local competitions.

Meanwhile, CAF is closely monitoring the situation and working with relevant authorities including the World Health Organization, the International Football Association, and other parties about the impact of the virus on the continent, and will announce developments in our competitions at the appropriate time.

Two weeks ago, CAF announced the distribution of $ 3.5 million to club participants for the 2019/20 season, after the suspension of the CAF and CAF competitions, after the end of the quarter-finals due to the Corona virus.


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