Khaled Murtaji reveals “advice” Secretary of CAF and prevented Al-Ahly from hiring Schaefer


Engineer Khaled Murtaji, a member of the Al-Ahly Club, revealed the details of his contract with the Portuguese legendary technical director, Manuel Jose, saying, “The first time around 2000 … Mahmoud Al-Khatib was responsible for the team’s new coach file, and he was seeking my advice in some matters, At the time, I received a call from an agent of players named Salem Al-Iraqi nominating Manuel Jose and presented the matter to Captain Al-Khatib, who traveled with Yassin Mansour, and the Portuguese magician was contracted.

In a statement to the program “The Stars in Ramadan” on Radio Youth and Sports, whose editor is headed by Walid Kassem, Murtaji added, “One of the important times that Jose took over Al-Ahly, we were on the verge of contracting with the famous German coach Winfried Schaefer, who achieved great results with more than African coach and club.

He continued Tremulous“We were in the World Cup clubs in the Emirates .. I was excited to sign Manuel Jose after previous successes with Al-Ahly, although Al-Ahly was just around the corner from contracting with Schaefer … But when we were in between half of the matches in the Club World Cup I was in the stadium cabin In the Emirates accompanied by Hassan Hamdy and Dr. Mustafa Murad Fahmy, Secretary of the African Football Confederation who was in love with Jose, and at the time advised Mustafa Murad Fahmy, Hassan Hamdy to refrain from contracting with Schaefer and contracting with Jose, so Hassan Hamdi asked me to contact and negotiate with the Portuguese coach, and Jose was completely welcome Going back to Al Ahly, for you Its approval was required Hassan Hamdy was contracted with him to a new stage of success with Jose Ahli.

Al-Ahly Council member revealed that Al-Ahly made a bid for Manuel Jose to train Al-Ahly before contracting with Swiss Rene Vyler, but the Portuguese coach refused after he announced and announced retirement because he wanted to stay next to his family.


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