Learn about the guest of tonight’s episode of “Most of the Sakka”


03:31 PM

Tuesday 19 May 2020

I wrote – Manal Al-Jayoushi:

Lebanese actress Stephanie Saliba, the guest of tonight’s episode of “Aghl Al Sakka” on MBC Egypt, will appear as a competitor to the artist Ahmed El Sakka.

The episode will be broadcast at 7 pm, and replayed at one after midnight, and the program will be presented by Lebanese artist Razan Maghrabi.

“Most of the Sakka” program witnesses in every episode unconventional entertainment and sports competitions between the artist Ahmed El-Sakka, and one of the stars, and for an hour, the guest competes with El-Sakka in many unusual fields, and at the end of each episode, the guest donates the financial amounts that he won to one of the parties The charity, in addition to the presence of a daily competition for the public on the screen, the program is presented by the star Razan Maghribi


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