Learn about the strangest hobbies of celebrities


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The media take care of celebrity life and focus on their daily habits and routines, highlighting some of their strange hobbies, and here are some of the strangest celebrity habits:

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a strange passion for her love of making snowballs, and after conquering the world with her music, the famous singer loves to relax by making her own balls, then presenting it to her friends and family.

Paris Hilton

Despite her charming charming personality, Paris Hilton loves to hunt frogs, as the star loves to relax by chasing these sticky amphibians, while she is jumping around her farm in California and Nevada.

Cristiano Ronaldo

In addition to mastering the football that has become one of its legends, the Portuguese star and Italian club Juventus player love the game of bingo. Reports indicate that Ronaldos love for this game started in 2003 after moving to the English league, where he received a DVD copy of the game as a gift for his birthday.

Mike Tyson

You may not believe that the former world heavyweight champion in boxing has a delicate sense that makes him passionate about caring for pigeons, as he works to breed many of them, and he is obsessed with the Miss Pigeon race in California, and he used to attend it every year, where doves trainers appear with the most beautiful and fastest birds .

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio

The famous Hollywood stars have a common hobby, which is making pottery, and the two stars spent a long time practicing their hobby while filming Once Upon A A Time In.

A source close to them said, “Brad owns a private sculpture studio at his home, and Leonardo loves to visit him and work with him on pottery.”

“Leonardo brings sandwiches, and the two stars spend an entire night creating clay works until the early hours of the morning,” the source added.

Angelina Jolie

Some people like to collect stamps, others collect old coins, but Angelina Jolie has a strange hobby of collecting knives. Angelina started her hobby from childhood, and her group now includes knives worth tens of thousands of dollars.


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