Learn the reaction of the widow of the martyr Ahmed El Mansi after presenting the incident of selection in Al-Burth


Topped the series “the choiceThe list of Google search indicators, during the past few hours after the presentation of the 28th episode, and the martyrdom of Colonel Ahmed Al-Mansi in the “Al-Burth” incident.

Manar Salim, the widow of the martyr Colonel Arkan Harb al-Mansi, said that since the beginning of Ramadan, we are carrying this day and presented the scene of the martyrdom of Ahmad al-Mansi because reality exceeded all my imagination, explaining that the martyr Ahmad al-Mansi was martyred in the same way.

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She added Illuminated Salim During her meeting on one of the TV programs, Ahmed Al-Mansi was always waiting for the martyrdom and he was always saying phrases that he would not be long in that life.

She also thanked those in charge of the series Al-Kheyarat, for their creativity in the series, so that they represented Ahmed Al Mansi’s humanitarian stances, confirming that the artist Amir Karara excelled in embodying the personality of the martyr Ahmed Al Mansi until he exerted a lot of effort.

She pointed out that the makers of the series told them that the episode will be harsh and indeed the moments were very harsh, and she continued: “In the montage they were very sad and therefore they issued a statement in which they appealed to the families of the martyrs not to follow this episode today.”

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