Learn the truth about withdrawing authorized notebooks and stopping the marriage contract from May to December


In some media, websites and social media pages, news has been raised regarding the withdrawal of authorized notebooks and the suspension of the marriage contract from May to December.

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers contacted the Ministry of Justice, which denied these reports, confirming that it is not correct to withdraw the authorized books or stop the marriage contract starting in May, and that no decisions were issued in this regard, explaining that the authorized persons in all governorates of the Republic continue to hold a contract The Koran, whether in their own offices or the homes of the couple, after the decision to cancel the marriage contract in mosques and their attachments from the role of occasions at the level of the Republic, taking all precautionary and preventive measures, and commitment to working hours according to the decision to prohibit roaming.The Ministry of Justice said that the system of secured marriage documents was started electronically, in two stages: the first stage, which is to issue forms of secure marriage forms, which are documents that cannot be falsified, falsified or imitated with a watermark, in order to preserve the rights of all parties to the contract, As for the second stage, it is represented by the civil affairs linking the documents electronically, where the husband or wife can go to civil status and obtain copies of the document as birth certificates.

The Ministry has appealed to all media and social media users not to be drawn into any malicious rumors circulating on social media pages, with the need to refer to the official sources and the authorities responsible for the ministry, and in case of any inquiries, please go to the official website of the ministry (www.jp.gov.eg ).

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