Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp on returning to training: Like the first day at school


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Juergen Klopp confirmed that he would take advantage of the coming period to prepare for the coming season

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp said the team’s return to training, after a long hiatus due to the Coruna epidemic, made him feel “at school first”.

The premier league team started training in small groups on Wednesday, for the first time in many weeks.

There are hopes for the league’s resumption in June, when there are 92 games to be completed, since the federation decided to stop on March 13.

“I woke up earlier than usual, then I realized it was my first day,” Klopp told Liverpool’s website.

“I felt like the first day in school, that day was 46 years ago, but it must have been similar (to what I felt today).”

On the details of the day, he said, “I wore my uniform, but this time for the proper purpose assigned to it, which is to go to training.”

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Players are back in training in a safe and sterile place

The decision to ease restrictions by the British government allowed players to train in small groups, and all 20 clubs agreed to implement one of the return-to-training protocols at the “Start Project Again” meeting last Monday.

In addition to training in groups of no more than five players, the training session must not exceed 75 minutes per player. And the rules of social separation must be adhered to.

Liverpool lead the championship 25 points behind their nearest rivals, and he still has nine games to play, and he only needs two more wins to secure the Premier League title.

The FA had previously set June 12 for matches to return again, but there are expectations that this will be postponed.

Klopp said he was “really happy” to see his players again and that they were all in “good spirits” and “good physical form”.

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The return-to-training protocol includes sterilization of the pitch, balls and all tools that players use

“We don’t know the exact time before us (until the matches return), but we have some time to prepare for the rest of this season and next season, because I don’t think there will be a big time lapse between the two,” he said.

He added: “It is a period of preparation for the next season. We do not know its duration and we will not have trial or friendly matches.

Klopp said he was happy that his players had a “real rest” within nine weeks of closure, whereas previously it was only two or three weeks a year.

But he added: “Of course, you cannot rest when you are worried about the situation in the world, and you do not feel as comfortable as it is on regular holidays.”

On the other hand, the Watford club announced that they had been infected with the Coruna virus, where defender Adrian Mariaba and two of the club’s employees were infected.

Burnley’s assistant manager Ian Wan, all of whom were among six positive tests for the virus in the English Premier League, was infected on Tuesday.

About 748 players and employees were tested in the first phase of the tests, which are conducted twice a week as part of the return to training procedures.

The BBC obtained the official protocols for the return of the training, and included a thorough disinfection after each training session for all the objects used starting from the pitch, corner flags, balls, cones and goal marks.

Klopp said the protocols were “impressive” and felt his team was able to train in a “very safe place”.

He added: “I hope we all receive good news because that will always mean that we are in the right direction for the whole country and then for the league as well.”


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