Liverpool goalkeeper: Salah is “a superhero and a natural fighter.”


Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian San Miguel confirmed that Mohamed Salah, his team-mate, is a fighter in the ranks of the Reds.

Adrian said in statements on BN Sports, that the personality of Salah at the beginning of acquaintance between them seemed to be introverted, stressing that things changed after the continuous communication between them.

Adrian said: “Mohamed Salah greeted me wonderfully when I arrived in Liverpool. You know when moving to a new club so any player needs time to cope.”

He continued: “Salah is one of the great great names, he is very humble and works hard, a fighter by nature. All he achieved was the result of great work and sacrifices and there is no gift from anyone.”

He added: “Any player who does not play well is subject to criticism, and he knows it well, and he works one day in earnest, which indicates his modesty and professionalism.”

And he added, “Every person has a special personality. At first, Salah appears introverted and turns away from others, but when you get to know him more, he jokes.”

He concluded: “I have a good relationship with Salah, he is a supernatural player, and as a human being he is definitely with his footballing value or more.”


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