Luis Figo reveals the reasons for his historic move from Barcelona to Real Madrid


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Talk The star Portuguese Lewis Vigo About Reasons His move From Rows Barcelona to me Rivals Rial Madrid, at Deal Historical She ran the world at summer Public 2000.

And yet that Spent Vigo 5 Seasons at Castle Camp No he decided Leave On Toward sudden And join to me camp The club royalist, To excite Controversial Great And case From Anger between masses Blaugrana.

newspaperMondo DeportivoSpanish Quoted at report to her Statements To the star Portuguese, Talk During it About His career The reasons Which I paid it To take the decision To leave About Rows The club Catalan.

And he said Vigo : ”lhave It was A decision Whatever And hard. because I she decided Leave About City She gave me Lots, But When feel That you are No You find Appreciation the appropriate when You do, Then you if I received Casually From club else You should Back then Thinking at The matter“.

He added: ”Clubs Great at the world Are similar to me Limit Big, The difference the main He People Whose Make up Community The club, When Arrived to me Rial Madrid It was over there Changes at Administration, And in the beginning did not Not be The matter Easy“.

He continued: ”lhave It was All Thing New about Mine, But Thanks to Help everybody at the team, I passed at Adaptation In a way good“.

And yet His move to me Meringue, He succeeded Vigo at Coronation With the title LaLiga Twice, And title cup Super Spaniard Twice, In addition to me Culmination With the title Cyclic Champions Europe at Public 2002.

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