Mahmoud Saad is subject to the treatment protocol after being confirmed that he was infected with the Corona virus .. Where was he infected?


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On Thursday, the Egyptian Football Association page published a statement regarding the health condition of the federation’s technical director, Mahmoud Saad.

The statement stated that the results of the analyzes conducted by Dr. Mahmoud Saad, the Egyptian Football Association’s technical director, were positive for his infection with the Corona virus, after contacting a number of coaches stranded abroad upon their return to the homeland.

It is scheduled that Dr. Mahmoud Saad will be subject to the treatment protocol, taking all formalities taken in the face of the virus.

Walid Al-Attar, the executive director of the federation confirmed that the technical director was injured, even though it came from outside the federation, but that all preventive measures have been taken inside the federation building since the beginning of the virus spread crisis, and all the union employees were assured of the procedures followed in this regard.

And the Football Association, in declaring this, is asking God Almighty to grant recovery to Dr. Mahmoud Saad and all those afflicted with the dreaded virus, and to protect our country and our people from all evil.

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