Mark Zuckerberg is “concerned” about Chinas influence on Internet regulation. Learn the details


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he was “concerned” that other countries might try to imitate Chinas approach to internet regulation. Zuckerberg said during an hour-long video chat with EU Industry Commissioner Terry Bretton: “Just to be honest about that, I think There is a model coming from countries like China that tend to have completely different values ​​from the more democratic western countries. ”

It is up to Western democratic countries to get a clear data privacy framework, and Facebook CEO added, “We have a shared responsibility to help develop this,” according to the American website TheVerge.

Perhaps this was Zuckerberg’s latest example as he cites the dangers of a Chinese Internet model spreading all over the world, and made similar comments last year, saying it was important not to allow China to set rules for the rest of the Internet, which sparked tension between Chinese employees on Facebook, while Facebook hoped Facebook should make the message of freedom of expression regulators see the company as a more authoritarian ally against the Internet, rather than a target for stricter regulation.

In the same vein, Zuckerberg praised the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which applied changes to how Facebook, Twitter, Google and other Internet companies collect user data in the European Union, and said he believed cooperation between technical platforms and government regulatory agencies was inevitable And, he said, “I don’t think there is a question about the existence of an organization,” adding, “I think the question is, who will win its framework all over the world?”

Breton, who criticized Facebook, said that working together would be key, and said: “I think this is crucial, is our ability to work together to design government tools and the right behavior together, and I think we should understand that, especially for the digital market, and more than So, for the information society in general. “

Zuckerberg noted that Facebook has a policy in place to categorize misinformation about the new Corona virus on its platform, saying: “We have removed hundreds of thousands of harmful misinformation and our independent fact-verification program has resulted in more than 50 million warnings being displayed on portions of the content” related With COVID-19. “We know this works because 95 percent of the time when someone sees a piece of content with a sticker that doesn’t end up with pressure.”


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