Mathlouthi or as a newspaper .. Tunisian race to nominate Zamalek to support the right front


At the present time, a Tunisian race is taking place between the Tunisian duo Hamza Mathlouthi, the leader of the Tunisian Sfaxian, and Oujda as the newspaper of the Tunisian coastal star Dahir about supporting the right Zamalek front in the new season, where many reports indicate that the duo is nominated so that one of them joins the white knight in the new season to support the right front. Which the White Club Administration announced the search for supporting it in the new season with a distinguished player in addition to the presence of Hazem Imam Dahir of the white team along with the rookie Ahmed Eid, who was escalated from the junior sector in the Citadel of Mitt Oqba so that it will be an alternative to Hazem Imam in the current season and review in the next report what she said Various reports about the duo of the candidate for the castle of Mit Oqba, where one of them may join the white knight to reinforce the right team front, which was confirmed support by a player in the next season based on the vision of the French technical director Patrice Carteron.

Tunisian reports: Zamalek closest to the inclusion of the leader of the Sfaxien after Cartier’s wish

Tunisian press reports revealed the desire of the French coach, Patrice Carteron, for the Zamalek team, to include Hamza Mathlouthi, the right back and the leader of the Tunisian Sfaxien in the next Mercato, where the Tunisian newspaper “Al-Sahafa” said that the French coach is determined to contract with the player to support the right front of the white team and the newspaper indicated That the player is on his way to leave CS Sfaxien next season, where he received many offers, most notably from the Esperance team, and that Cartieron’s desire to sign him came after watching many matches for the player.

The newspaper pointed out that the Zamalek administration initially opposed the idea of ​​including the player due to the fear of the Tunisian players against the background of what happened in the crisis of Hamdi Al-Naqaz, noting at the same time that the white genie retreated from that and began to act at the request of Carton while the Sfaxian administration would sit with The player during the next week in order to discuss him about his future, according to the newspaper that Zamalek is closest to the inclusion of the player and Tunisian Radio added, quoting several sources, that there are advanced communications in place indicating the possibility of imminent accession of the Trinity to his compatriot Ferjani Sassi in Zamalek.

Hamza Mathlouthi

The coastal star announces association as a newspaper with an extended contract with the team

On the other side, Qais Ashour, the spokesperson for the Tunisian Coastal Club, confirmed that his club has not yet received any offers from Zamalek to obtain the services of the player and my grandfather as a newspaper during the next summer transfer period, Qais Ashour said that Find me as a newspaper The coastal star player is linked to a contract that extends for two coming seasons, and therefore, contracting with him is possible only through the management of the club, and he explained that it is not possible to talk about the player’s transfer unless there are serious offers for the player in the coming period.

Grandpa as a newspaper


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