May God remove the blurring from their hearts … The first comment from Rajaa Al-Jeddawi about the rumor of her death


The great actress expressed Please Al-Jeddawi Her grief over the continued publication of false news by some news sites about her death, which left her very distressed by the presence of people carrying this unjustified blackness.

Rajaa Al-Jeddawi called on God to remove the blurring from their hearts and see the truth, especially as she received calls of love and reassurance from people you do not know from various Arab countries in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Libya and others, and even Yemen, which, despite the conditions that its people suffer from wars and poverty, was surprised by calls from people She has nothing to do with them except their intense love for her, which God is thankful for, which has alleviated many of her afflictions and HIV infection.

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The large artist who is being treated for corona virus inside the Isolation Hospital in Ismailia indicated that she could not limit all the artists who contacted to check on her through her daughter Amira, along with a large number of helpers and workers, in addition to her friends from outside the artistic community, and learned how much love Its people who have expressed it on various social media.

The great artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi confirmed the stability of her health condition and that she is receiving treatment according to the protocols of the Ministry of Health, which are followed with all patients inside a room like the rest of the rooms without discrimination and with the same amount of care and attention, and she mocked those who were rumored to be receiving extra special care saying its sense of humor known: .. will they provide the dose? In order to die? All like some equals rich and poor, the disease does not distinguish between them. “

She added that when she had a fever on the 27th of Ramadan and she thought that she might have been struck by a sunstroke, especially since it was a hot day and when she took a “heatsink” with a waiter, and her body temperature did not go down, she called the journalists Amr Adib and Lamis Al-Hadidi, who consulted doctors about how They acted, rays on the chest and found part of the lung injured.

She explained that she had completed the procedures of entering the quarantine at the Isolation Hospital in Ismailia with her personal ID bearing the real name “Najat Ali Hassan” like any patient, and no one found out that she was hopefully only after she entered the stone, especially that she was in a state of severe fatigue and exhaustion and that she now completes her treatment and is in good condition and praise God is very much.

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