Menna Abdel Aziz arrested the girl Tik Tok


Giza Investigations arrested Menna Abdel AzizTik Tok girl Hours after her friend Mazen Ibrahim was arrested, after she claimed in a video, that the latter had raped and beat her.
She threw strength from Urban section In coordination with the Department of Literature, the suspect who was deported to Talbiyah police station was arrested; In preparation for submission to the Public Prosecution.

The pioneers of social networking sites, Facebook, shared a video clip showing “Mena Abdel Aziz”, alleging that she was beaten and sexually assaulted by the young man “Mazen Ibrahim”, with the help of her friends before she went out in another clip denying the matter; After the young man Mazen Ibrahim denied her allegations.

Mena Abdel Aziz, a girl who talked to Tic Tok over the past two days, caused controversy after appearing via a live video accusing her friend Mazen Ibrahim, who raped her, stole her phone, assaulted her, and photographed her in sexual positions in conjunction with two girls inside an apartment

Menna Abdel Aziz said in the circulating video: Rape by coercion and the girls of my companions who were in agreement with them for rape and filming in breaching conditions and the daughters of countries who worked the needs of his monster, and that she was beaten and raped by her young friend Mazen Ibrahim in agreement with others and that they lured her to Mazen’s apartment and was raped and photographed video and stolen her phone.

After several hours of sympathy by the pioneers of social media, Mena Abdel Aziz appeared in a 36-second video with one of the people and said: Every year, you are fine, there is no problem between me and Mazen, but I was collapsed because of what happened and in many people, we fell between us because of the needs The one who used to do it because of the salvation of the dialogue concluded that we have our rights and no problem, and there is no difference between what we have and nothing.

And her friend Menna Abdel Aziz appeared and said: I wish people understand and invalidate the words, so that you speak in need, you do not understand them, and each year you are good.

At the age of 17 years, she makes videos with his name, Muhammad Kalashnikov, on the Tik Tok program. After the video was published, the pioneers of social networking sites divided between sympathetic and sympathetic men against her who said that she is young and it is not permissible to expose her. As for the second side, he carried Menna Abdel Aziz as a result of everything she got Because of her videos on Tik Tok, in which she wears tight and scandalous clothes according to their description .. As for the biggest aspect, he demanded the families to remove their children from Tik Tok and social media sites and monitor them and demanded the competent authorities responsible for the speedy legalization of the use of Tik Tok and social networking sites and the development of new legislation for them to preserve customs and traditions Egyptian.

Hours did not pass on the Menna video until Mazen Ibrahim, who was accused of raping and defending himself, said that her behavior is bad and that she is blackmailing him to get money from him and demanded that she be presented to the forensic medicine, which is the Faisal in the accusation of his rape, and began publishing videos proving that there is a relationship between him and Menna Abdel Azeez.

Then Shaima Shaker, Minnas friend, appeared and said: Menna deserves what happened in it and that everything was with her consent and she has records for the whole story. She will aspire to it if Menna Meschk and invalidate accusations against her over Al-Fadhi.

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