Messi praises Laotaro and responds to Citin


Interview with Lionel Messi explaining his opinion regarding the arrival of Laotaro and the return of the League

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May 15, 2020

Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi has again praised the specifications of his fellow striker Lautaro Martinez, who is a strong candidate to join from Inter of Italy to the Catalan team.

While Barcelonas Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez celebrated his 33rd year, the leaders and La Liga champions in the last two seasons are looking for a player to carry the offensive flame instead.

In light of many reports indicating Barcelonas desire to include Laotaro from Inter, Messi re-praised his countryman and told the newspaper “Mondo Deportivo” on Friday: “To be frank, I do not know if there have been or are there negotiations. I have no idea. But as I said before, Laotaro He is strong and elusive, he can score goals and can protect the ball. He has a lot of similarities with Luis Suarez. We’ll see what happens.

The return of the league and fear of Corona:

All matches of the last 11 rounds of the season will be played without an audience, while the league’s president, Javier Tipas, said a few days ago that the matches may resume on June 12.

While some of the championship players and clubs opposed the return of soccer activity for fear of infection or being transferred to others, Messi said that the return of matches is not more dangerous than leaving the house for any other reason.

“The risk of infection is everywhere,” Messi told El Mundo Deportivo. When you leave your home there are risks. So I think we don’t have to think too much about this because if you did, you wouldn’t go anywhere. ”

“But we have to realize that we have to adhere to health and preventative guidelines as much as possible,” Messi added. Returning to training is the first step, but we should not relax and we must take all the necessary precautions.

Messi also says he feels the excitement and excitement of the return of the matches, but opposes the idea of ​​the association calling for isolating the championship teams in quarantine together from families when the matches resume.

“Personally, I am looking forward to the return of the championship matches,” he said. We know that it will be completely strange in the absence of the public from the stands. I had this experience before and found out. ”

“On the issue of quarantine, we absolutely do not like the idea of ​​moving away from our families, but we have to wait and see what the final plan will be,” he added.

Correct his previous statement and respond to Citin:

On his previous statement that the team currently present is not able to crown the Champions League, which was missed by coach Kiki Sittin, Messi explained: The intention was not to downplay the group or our efforts, but in the way of playing, in the way that was approved we will not be crowned the Champions League.


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