Microsoft opens free registration for its Build 2020 developer conference


Microsoft decided to make its annual Build developer conference a free event for all users, after it had previously decided to organize the event online, as Scott Hanselman announced that the conference will start on May 19 at 8 am Pacific Time and will include 48 hours of programming, Including sessions, conversations, and demos hosted by company engineers.

According to the American engadget website, anyone can register to attend Build 2020 starting today for free, while the event will start with a speech by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and Banus Panay, the company’s chief product officer will also appear in Build 2020.

The company will host workshops on Twitch, and attendees will have access to Microsoft employees if they need to ask a question or troubleshoot one of their projects, and developers may also get good things in the email as the registration process requires individuals to provide their shipping information, noting that in Last years, Build had an entry fee of $ 2,395.

He said, “Hanselman”: “It is not the conference that we thought it would be, but it will be special.” He added, “We cannot wait until we bring our developer community together to learn, communicate and encode.”

And like many other things, the spread of the Corona virus disrupted the annual developer conferencing circuit, and in some cases led to the complete abolition, as Google, for example, planned to host the annual I / O conference online, however, in March, the company canceled its conference in The end, for the time being, all indications are that Apple plans to go ahead with WWDC online only, but this could change as well.


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